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Caleb is from the capital city of Accra, Ghana. Pristine shores at the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean are just a splash of the many attractions here. Enjoy the many fashion styles and traditional & modern music that can only be found here.  Ghanaian soul is more than a genre but a way of life.  The vibrant nightlife is matched to a wealth of museums, sports complexes, and historical landmarks.  Accra has birthed an abundant number of entrepreneurs due to the diverse cultures and trade opportunities that can be found throughout.

Caleb looks to bridge different art backgrounds and disciplines into his works. Inspired by Ghana’s diverse cultural landscape, engaging conversations with friends and family, sharing ideas with other artists, personal experiences, and travels throughout Africa and beyond are all foundational element of his artistic journey.  Through the lens of communicating social issues to the world, Caleb creates poignant photography that pierces straight to the heart with the purpose of creating a positive change.

In his own words: “I enjoy capturing the subtleties in life.  An example of this is the series I created which highlighted the natural beauty of black skin and the appreciation that people have for it.  Initially, it was intended to promote and encourage people to love the skin they’re in, but it ultimately turned into a series of empowerment that highlighted features of uniqueness. My Art means freedom! I feel I have the power to effect change in ways for the betterment of society and I plan to do the same on a global scale.”


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