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Brima is from Lofa county located in Northern Liberia.  The county was severely impacted during Liberian civil war that started in 1989. Over the last couple decades, the county has been committed to reconstruction and life has normalized. Locals consider it a place of peace and friendship where religious beliefs and African traditions live harmoniously.   The oldest African republic founded by freed slaves from the Americas, today it is recognized for its plantation society home to coffee, rice, cassava, and cocoa farms.  Rich in agriculture with a fascinating history, Liberia is full of ruins and architecture that scales ambition.

Inspired by the plight of the commoners and the children, Brima looks to illustrate the unspoken narratives of his inspirations in creative intellectual expressions.  He successfully captures the beauty in the subtleties and sorrow of the soul.

In his own words:  “As a contributor to society and a person of faith, I try to be the best person I can be.  I don’t allow my profession to dictate if and how I should push myself.  I look to be the best version of me which I think helps me to be artistic.  As an artist, I feel it is my responsibility to reproduce to canvas thoughts, joy, pain, and dreams that are either my own or others.  I believe art allows the eyes to connect to the heart and the things we cherish.  To support this ideology means everything to me.” 


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