Alsadg Mahmoud


Alsadg is from the capital city of Khartoum, Sudan.  To those outside of Sudan the northeastern African country has known to be a place of war and poverty.  For those that live there and the surrounding areas, it is known to be a land of great beauty. The place where African and Arab worlds meet. Many artists here are trained throughout much of the world and bring their talents back to the country to help inspire the next generation of artists. Alsadg was one of those artists who was inspired and continues to be.

Most famous for his sculpting work and colorful paintings, Alsadg uses both his intuition and academic experiences to help guide his hand in his craft.  As a graduate from the Department of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, he parlayed this experience into a faculty position where he also teaches art.

Alsadg  believes there is a convergence in the subjects that he chooses, whether in sculpting, coloring, or drawing in charcoal and pastels, his inspiration is often for women of an African nature and working in degrees closer to hot colors, and adding color effects on the composition of the work to link it in a homogeneous unit and rhythm.

In his own words: “Today’s contemporary generation is unique in the multiplicity of visions and open to wider spaces. Some see the Sudanese formation as a cultural product and economic benefit, although the absence of planning and institutional structures from the perspective of cultural plans and parallel projects such as museums, theaters, and plastic artists, often legislation that supports the product, studios and programs promoting art, creation is absent.  I find it my duty to bring the art closer to those who have interest and those that may be just a voyeur. Within the art community this act increases effectiveness of art education, enrichment, and acceptance.   I look to help uncover and amplify the discrepancies that underlies the issue of modernity which will lead to the highest value of this discovery within this field.”  


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