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Eyayu was born in Durbete, Ethiopia within the Achefer district of the Amhara region just north of the State capital Addis Ababa.  The Amhara people are one of the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia and one of the first inhabitants to the region.  After earning a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Eyayu decided to further his education by pursuing and obtaining a degree in Fine Arts and Design.

In his earlier works, Eyayu  has explored a question that usually nurtures him “Does life influence art or does art influence life?” This question was best explored in his vivid and expressive paintings. His inspiration comes from culture, life, joy, and sorrow, while recognizing that God is the source of all things.  His imagery gives voice to our daily experiences while challenging us that we search beyond our differences. Eyau’s passion for Ethiopia can be seen through the images of the Ethiopian people and life through contrasting colors.

Eyayu uses semi-abstract objects mostly depicting Ethiopia’s rural scene, architecture and cultural elements.  He believes, his experimental paintings give the audience the idea that inherited Ethiopian values and norms inherited should be respected. Although we are in a globalized world, we should continue to keep Ethiopian values alive.

Eyayu exhibits globally and has been recognized in public art lectures, including in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Outside of the studio, he organizes different art shows in his home city and continues to contribute to the developing art culture in Ethiopia through student training programs and teaching at the Bahir Dar University.


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