Damulira Shira

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Damulira’s art career spans over 10 years.  Born in Kampala, Uganda and art graduate of the renowned Makerere University, Damulira used art to gain a better understanding of how we operate in the world. His portfolio includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, portraits and has exhibited throughout the world.

Notable works include his series of charcoal prints featuring African wildlife such as Uganda’s “Big Five”- Elephants, Cape Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, and Rhinos. He renders a gorgeous tone with a simple detail putting emphasis on light and shadows. He clarifies that the charcoal technique “takes you where it will”, which inspires spontaneous and gestural marking as well as soft edges and smudging.

His paintings have an unfocused quality to them giving them an impressionistic feel. The characters in them are often faceless and pushed to the edge of the canvas, but he says his work is not political. He takes keen interest in ordinary African life especially gatherings and uses this technique to create atmosphere and a universal feel that draws in the viewer and leaves the interpretation up to them.



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