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Yvanovitch is from the capital city Brazzaville located in the Republic of Congo.  Admire the Congo River from the boardwalk or grab a ferry to float down the river to nearby cities.  A regal place rich in history as it is in scenery, the city whose namesake is Italian explorer Pietro Paolo Savorgnan di Brazzà, who led France’s entry into the Congo and then colonial rule. The Congo as commonly referred is now known as a business hub for international travelers and meeting summits, the bustling metropolis is a great representation of Africa’s thriving future.

Inspired by innovation as an artist Yvanovitch does not limit his style to just painting.  The self-described multidisciplinary artist, practices in the disciplines of drawing, video, photography, installations and performance.  Through the spirit of society, the people he meets locally and during his travels he is intrigued by the things that make us the same and what makes us different – moreover, he finds fascination in the way people think about other people when it comes to race, culture, and immigration.  Yvanovitch looks to capture each of the emotions felt through his experiences and leverage them through his works as a mechanism to communicate things that are essential and important to sustaining life and loving your neighbor as you would yourself.

In his own words: “Freedom of expression is a form of expression that provides freedom in itself.  As an artist, I see it as an act of citizenship.  When I’m gone from this earth, I wish to leave a trace that shows even though I didn’t change the world, I at least tried – and through my contributions to art I was committed all the way to the end.”


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