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Yonatan was born in the town of Addis Ababa,  Ethiopia.  Widely recognized as the busiest city in the country.  The dense urban metropolis is known for its many historical landmarks and architectural attractions. One famous attraction is the (Addis) Mercato.  It’s Africa’s largest open-air market and it attracts many visitors from all over the continent and the world.  Shopping here is an adrenaline junkie’s holiday.  Many have found it to be one of the most fascinating experiences – often because of the chaos and beauty that it embodies. Influenced by the urban sprawl, the political climate, and international diplomacy –one country of 80 nations, filled of traditions and historical legacy has been culturally rich in assets to fill Yonatan with inspiration.

For as long as he can remember, the Arts has always been a passion for Yonatan.   As an artistic vessel he looks to communicate a message through the emphasis principle which allows the subject to dominate in his works.  Through the use of alternative images, each most only appear to support the focal point. Yonatan’s lens is coherently articulate as the images appear to be exactly where they need to be as it relates to the subject. Many of Yonatan’s works are distributed among international cultural networks and commercial enterprises. As a part of his artistic process, he feels he needs to be drawn into each piece creatively.  The approach is more than just the physical undertaking when considering size and modeling, but according to Yonatan — it takes a level of emotion to employ what is required in order to execute a final version, which can only be achieved after spending time in a space and absorbing its energy.

In his own words: “As an artist, I look to record and commemorate the present which provides a glimpse into the future.  I look to give form to things that is unknown or unseen.  Often these things are emotions and thoughts of man either in the present state or those that provoke growth or change. I am a full-time artist who has been professionally trained through my University level studies, and I’m constantly inspired by my peers here in Ethiopia and throughout the world, but I feel I become most connected to my works through mediation. As an artistic vessel, I only look to convey what I feel and hope that others are as enthusiastic about my works as I am.”


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