Odinakachi Okoroafor


Odinakachi is from the Abia State located in Nigeria.  Abia is in the south-eastern part of Nigeria.  An area inhabited by the Igbo people, and was once the location where the British held their governmental affairs during colonial rule. Recognized as one of the most populous areas in Nigeria and palm oil hub, the State is a cultural magnet due to its historic sites, museums and even a market solely for gospel music.

A self-proclaimed introvert, Odinakachi uses a straightforward communication style and charisma to push forward through his internal emotions. Although seclusion provides comfort, discovering new connections through his artwork allows him to discover new talents and abilities.  Inspired by his life experiences – specifically those during his childhood, Odinakachi looks to a blend of what he sees in society and his personal experiences to create works that are provoking and intimate. Through his art, Odinakachi feels it has provided him a way to look beyond the negativity and see the beauty in people and the world.

In his own words: “As an artist, I look to influence art through form, material, and concept. I hope my impact is made through the celebration of African culture. My art conveys deeply personal thoughts, along with political and social views.  As a member of the fraternity of artists, we should play a part in the overall health, development and wellbeing of the society. Through our creations, we should not only look to entertain but provide joy, interaction, and inspiration – all while providing insightful critique to political, economic and social systems to push their immediate communities to engage thoughtfully and make the necessary steps toward social progress. I see myself as a mediator between God and man.”


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