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Moses Ndubuzo artistically known as Moses D’great is from the Imo State of Nigeria.  A place of tranquility whose name derived from the Imo river which passes throughout the southeastern section of Nigeria and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. A culturally rich area where heritage is manifested through dress, music, dance, festivals, and the arts. Considered the “heartland” of the region, warm traditions of hospitality are felt by all that visits.

As an artist, Moses approaches his works with an open mind.  One who’s comfortable working both independently or through collaboration.  In situations where people may have a difficult time working with others, Moses’ mantra is “I am the only original version of me. Therefore, I cannot be duplicated or replicated. Thus, all that flows through can only be represented by me.”  Moses looks to address societal issues all while creating works which simply put – make people happy or feel an emotion of positivity. He sees art as playing a pivotal role in society in which it contributes to the overall health and development of the well-being of society.

In his own words: “I look to record and preserve our human history.  To me as an artist and a contributing member of society, I see art as a form of creative expression that lives inside me and all of us.  It’s a means of conveying what’s in the mind and spoken through ideas, feelings and thoughts about the things we see and don’t see in life. It allows us to express things that words can’t fully explain.”


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