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Mohamed is a from Bamako, Mali. Known for being one of the fastest growing cities in the world, it is also a major port for trade throughout Africa.  Although it is an inland country, it is located right along the Niger River which makes it an ideal port for north to south transport.  It is home to the country’s largest airport and popular train stop destination on the Dakar-Niger Railway. Nightlight, Waterfalls, Cultural Landmarks are only a small portion of the attractions that draw in international travelers seeking adventure.

Mohamed is a full-time artist living and working in Bamako.  He embraces the cultural heritage that surrounds him and identifies with it as a legacy in which he looks to share with others.  As graduate of the Conservatory of the Arts (Bamako), he now leverages his academic experience and instinctive know-how to make award winning works that are revered throughout Africa and international markets.

In his own words: “I find my inspiration everywhere: society, daily life, nature etc.  I hope that viewers of my works receive a message that connects them to not only a place, but to an idea or a feeling that they will never forget.  I hope that they are moved so much in fact that they share the experience with others.”


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