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Margarit is from the resort city of Sochi, Russia. The transcontinental country and city located off the Black Sea is full of neoclassical architecture and sites like the Fisht Stadium that was ground zero for the 2014 Winter Olympics and 2018 FIFA World Cup.  Sochi is also home to one of the world’s most famous botanical parks the Sochi Arboretum (Park Dendrariy V Sochi) which houses over 1,700 kinds of plants from almost every corner of the world.

The self-taught artist and once full-time English teacher specializes in figurative portraits and landscapes.  Bound to a bed due to a spinal injury, Margarit still finds the strength and inspiration to continue to create her works. It has become a form of spiritual rehabilitation towards her recovery.   Since childhood, Margarit has been moved by the great artists of the Renaissance as well as notable Russian artists.  Inspired by the period, she uses oils and watercolors which contributes to her signature style. Incorporating people and her surroundings, along with her imagination, allows her to travel to places mentally — far away from her medical bed. Moved by the subtleties of life like children living in rural environments and people surviving in severe conditions in the world, illustrate moments that often go unnoticed or recognized.

In her own words: “We are united by the moments of our lives. By illustrating imagery that reflects suffering and the trajectory that greed leads to like war, mass killings, and famine allows us to see the commonality that we all share and hopefully pave a path that leads us to a better tomorrow. As a woman/teacher/artist and a citizen of the world, I see it as my responsibility to communicate the world’s challenges and present what’s at stake.”


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