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Mamary is a visual artist from the capital city of Bamako, Mali.  Not quite a coastal city, however it is located on the Niger river in the southwestern section of the country. Known as one of the fastest growing places on earth, the city is an artisan community and hub to the country’s industrial enterprises like coal. A country filled with ancient cities; today you can still find architecture that reflects its historic past and modern future.

Mamary’s hometown and the country’s most popular city Timbuktu in all its mystery, focal point for intellectual knowledge, manuscripts, and architecture has been a source of inspiration.  Considered a world heritage site in peril, Mamary looks to change the tide by bringing attention to the needs of his country and leveraging his works as a vehicle to covey his inspirations.

In his own words: “As an artist, it is my responsibility to be a creative that portrays an original viewpoint of reflections.   Art has not only provided a source of income but created relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.  I am a full-time artist and teach art at the high school level.  I encourage my students to use their patience to concentrate on what life demands today and turn these moments into possibilities for tomorrow It’s a creed I look to share with the world.”


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