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Isshaq is from the capital city of Accra, Ghana.  A country with deep cultural roots and historical significance.  Known for being the first African nation to gain independence from colonial rule, it is also home to UNESCO Heritage sites like the slaveholding castles of Cape Coast and Elmina.  The Ashanti Kingdom is lined with pristine beaches along its shores at the Gulf of Guinea.  Accra provided Isshaq the perfect backdrop to gain inspiration from for his works.

Full of natural resources and diverse cultures, the hospitable nature of the city was a conduit to allow Isshaq to absorb social, cultural, and political realities and turn these dynamic themes into forms of expression.  This reality and expression became a way to identity impact made to individuals in his community.

In his own words:  “As an artist I see it as my duty to not only make art for visual appeal, but make art that creates awareness and inspire society towards action. My art means everything to me. I am  touching on the past, reflecting on the times that once were and prophesying the future.”


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