Ikechukwu Nnadi

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Ikechukwu is from the economic and cultural urban sprawl Lagos, Nigeria.  Nigeria’s largest city thrives due to its oil supply, natural resources, originating music like Afrobeat, Nigerian hip-hop, juju, Fuji, Sakara among others, and a night life that will rival Las Vegas. A buoyant culture that is made up of a populous of nearly 20 million people makes it one of the top 10 populated cities in the world.

Ikechukwu specializes in harnessing the realities of his environment and experiences to create art that speaks like an extension of his voice to the art observer.  Inspired by everyday life, specifically the people, culture, community and dreams, he transmits to canvas a visual embodiment that’s representative of peace, love, and happiness.

In his own words: “I am often moved by moments in life that go overlooked.  As an example, I remember observing some destitute individuals in the street that were happy and joyful.  I who may have been better off than them according to the world’s standards, I have yet to reach such peace in my life…. It wowed me and forced me to look inward. Through this reevaluation of life it revealed through my work subject matter that highlighted the joys of life.”


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