Ebenezer Nana Bruce


Ebenezer lives and works in the grand city of Accra, Ghana. The West African country is one of the many jewels of Africa.  An arts haven with culture interwoven in the DNA of the people and the landscapes that surround them.  Many consider Accra as ground zero for Africa’s Art Renaissance similar to that of New York’s Harlem Renaissance. The current movement here is full of cultural expressions that can be found all over.

The prolific artist attributes his inspiration to the world around him.  Accra has a been a special place where the arts are represented heavily and are mixed in with tribal influences in society.  The surroundings in which Ebenezer has found himself and the people he has interacted with since his youth has been a source to influence his works.  He adamantly admits that the arts has been something that he always wanted to do — almost as if he was drawn to it.   With an art resume that goes back as far as his childhood he stayed on the path which led him to study Art and Design in college. Today, Ebenezer is a full-time artist who uses the arts to communicate, learn, and educate.

In his own words: “In my works I look to tell the story of Ghana through the eyes of today.  As an artist I feel we have a vast responsibility to culture and society.  For me specifically, I look to uplift my country through my medium of work with a focus on creating awareness of situational circumstances, addressing issues that impact us all, and provoke questions that lead to discussions around solutions.”



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