Djamel Eddine Benchenine

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Djamel was born in the town of Mohammadia a province of Mascara, Algeria.   The Berber founded city is the country’s capital and full of rich history.  As an urban center point for trade and commerce, among the many things this region is recognized for this city in particular is known for its Wine.

As a youth, he was enthralled by the works of Monet, specifically the landscapes and perception of perspective.  A graduate of Fine Arts, he continues to work diligently to uncover new media to express himself. He uses foundational and pictorial painting components he learned while training in school – which he applies to his Street Art.

Today, Djamel exhibits his works throughout Africa and commissioned sites for street art.  Also, he’s a regular fixture at the invitation only international event named The Mediterranean Biennial of Contemporary Art of Oran, which is dedicated to contemporary art and organized by the internationally supported Biennial Foundation.



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