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Banda was born in remote Zambia. The village is along the National Game Park full of wild animals. Encounters with elephants and rhinos daily were a regular occurrence. Growing up in a remote area was very difficult.  The distance from the village to school was nearly 10 miles each way.  In addition to the long distance, there were a number of challenges he faced including going to school without shoes and sometimes on an empty stomach. However, Banda’s family although having a limited education – they never stop supporting him and his future.

As a kid, Banda made toys out of clay and wire.  This practice paid off as it gave him the confidence to study pottery and ceramics in college.  Inspired by Pablo Picasso, he transitioned to paintings which received notoriety by the Norwegian Embassy and the art community.

Banda looks to painting for strength.  It’s noticeable that his art is diverse, realistic and abstract through the use of oils, acrylics, watercolors and pencil drawings.


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