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Angelo is from the largest city in Mali and fastest growing in Africa — the capital city of Bamako. Located along the Niger River, the once French occupied country was a central part of the railway system that occupied the area and key trade partner to much of the region which continues today.  The city has popular botanical and zoological gardens, an active artisan community, and revered research institutions.

Angelo is deeply rooted in Mali which also acts as his source of inspiration.  Themes in society like the scourge of begging, the danger of social networking, the perils of being improperly educated, and above all the cultural heritage that is resounding throughout Mali.

In his own words: “In the manner of press, I diffuse through my paintings, the evils of the company … it is the link that I try to make with the introduction of the press coupons in my work. I and other artists bare witness of his/her time on earth. It is in this context that each artist must announce, declare and even denounce in their society. Art is life, we do it consciously or not.”


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