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Born in the district of Abobo located in Côte d’Ivoire an area notably recognized for military and political conflict.  Ange looks to express his memories and the realities of conflict that has crossed the Ivory Coast in his work. An accomplished artist and academic; Ange applies his graduate degrees in Fine Arts  and educational background as a Professor of Visual Arts in the country’s urban city center Abidjan.

Not looking to be restricted to academic techniques and parameters of restriction; as a true to heart artist Arthur looks to upset pictorial practices.  He sees this form of medium as too restricting for artistic ideas. To reach the fullness of his art, he combines textile variants, paintings, and even approaches sculptures or installations of great size.  His work focuses on the human experience, especially the relationships human beings have with the environment and each other.  Featured in his piece, the “work blues” men-skeleton-tools are transformed into the canvas and appear to be sewn to it. These anonymous men are honored in the paintings by the artist. The recycling of materials found in the street is one of the principles dear to the Ange. In his own words “Make beautiful what is rejected “as waste” or “used” by society.” Ange seeks to revive what is lost. Everything for him has a second life and a second chance.

In his own words: “You do not make art for a space, it’s the space that you make for the art.”


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