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Vincentio is from the capital city of Lusaka located in the center of Zambia. Notably, one of the fastest growing cities in southern Africa known for its famous markets, architecture, and national parks & animal sanctuaries. It is also home to the Freedom Statue, a monument which commemorates Zambia’s fight against colonialism.  Recognized as a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles.  Lusaka has been a spiritual essence of sorts for artists looking to draw from the city’s energy and environment for inspiration.

The self-taught abstract painter is well known throughout Africa and is recognized for his signature style.  Inspired by his love for nature, his works depict colors and forms that are aesthetically pleasing, which convey a message of hope, life, optimism, and determination.

Vincentio exhibits regularly throughout Africa and abroad.  His works have been on loan to public sites and institutions, as well as Zambia’s most notable galleries.  He is a staple to the art community and a leading activist in Africa’s abstractionist movement. For Vincentio art has been the vessel that steers the ship that carries possibilities towards certainty.

In his own words: “As an artist, it is my responsibility to visually entertain and educate.  However, artistic expression provides reciprocity that becomes a form of freedom and expressed inner emotions. I look to encapsulate and share these expressions of freedom as seeds of virality.”


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