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Togar is from Jacobs Town, a town located in the east suburb Paynesville, Liberia just outside of Monrovia.   A town known for its bustling city center through the Red Light Market and the rock formation shaped like a human face, Blo Degbo Rock. Both of these locations have been great for inspiration driven by people watching or being one with the elements.

Togar’s works portray a glimpse into a reality that many turn away from. Once a refugee in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, Togar relives his memories and the experiences he encountered through his works as a way express the grim outlook and uncertain future that many faced.  As he watched children crying and suffering based on daily struggles to survive, these moments of despair drove him almost in a supernatural way to ensure they were captured.

In his own words: “I believe drawing is the only medium I can use to express myself.  It’s something about the feeling that I have between the drawing instrument, my hand, and the paper that’s almost magnetizing.  I can’t explain it.  It’s almost like I feel a force working through me and it drives me to create the images that I do.  Through the perspective of the poor and less fortunate people, I feel like I give a voice to the voiceless.”   


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