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Smail is a multi-faceted EnsAD (École Nationale Supérieure des arts Décoratifs) trained artist from Paris, France. Disciplined in the areas of a graphic design, serigraph, visual artistry, and professional dance. An acclaimed savant by the art community, he has to his credit various achievements in the world of fashion and revered for his dancing on the international stage.  His pictorial works are recognizable by expressive motifs, and a kind of modern and abstract alphabet.

A leader of his generation, his works is an infinite palette of visual and aesthetic codes that transcends all disciplines. Smail’s most notable work includes an installation and exhibition named “WATER LIGHT GRAFFITI” in which he uses an LED wall that lights up with water.  It’s recognized as a true masterpiece, and is described as an evanescence of movements and intensity!

Born to Malian parents, through art Smail looks to create a link between different cultures. Leveraging textile legacies of African, European, Asian, Latin American, and Australian cultures and patterns like: lines, curves, colors, emotions, rhythm, and energy; juxtaposed with Japanese anime – he looks to give Art – Life.



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