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Sambo is from the town of Sabsé, located in the province of Bam in Burkina Faso.  The landlocked country located in West Africa is slightly larger than Colorado but is made up of over 45 provinces.  The province of Bam is in the northern region of the country, and home to villages of the Peul people also known as Fula who have been recognized in history for their nomadic traditions.

The self-taught artist is rooted in traditions and discovering new techniques like his cherished abstractions in which he uses the colors of the transitional areas between the Sahara and Sudanian Savannah – locally referred to as the Sahel.  His textural language is communicated through canvases, woven fabrics, wood, found objects, fragmented photography, and even spearheads.  Sambo’s inspiration derives from everyday life and observations made of his contemporaries. He is a griot of sorts, known for his portrayal of ancestral reflection.  Currently, he exhibits domestically throughout Africa and around the globe including reoccurring shows in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In his own words: “I’ve participated in a number of workshops and symposiums at the Wallonie-Bruxelles Center in Paris [France], the Blachère Foundation in Ouagadougou, [Burkina Faso], showcases in Tangier [Morocco], and residencies at the French Cultural Center. I am never satisfied in learning or gaining new perspective. Each opportunity deepens my understanding and helps to create new works. My art provides a form of freedom to be/speak/create.”


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