Emeka Abiodun Juwah

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Emeka grew up in the Oyo State of Nigeria, an area known for being juxtaposed against its natural resources and wild life reserves, along with a bustling metro area.  He later moved to Nigeria’s largest city Lagos.  The urban sprawl provided a cacophony of sounds and cultural harmonies that acted as the perfect blend of inspiration.  His art provided a way for him to escape the clamor of the big city to express his love for being a creative.

Since his youth, art has been a part of his life. Starting with drawings his passion expanded to paintings.  During his years in elementary school, his works began receiving notoriety by upper classmates and teachers.  One of his proudest achievements during this time was being asked to be an aide for the art class – he was the youngest person to receive this honor.  As a graduate from the Institute of Textile Technology Art and Design, Emeka learned that every artist has something to tell that is entirely unique for them as an individual, and this uniqueness connects us to one another. This philosophy can be seen throughout his collections which embody contrasting elements of the human condition.

In his own words: “My style comes naturally.  I don’t have a frame of reference upon starting my works. I prepare my canvas and pallet of colors, then paint along the lines the inspiration comes to me.  I am not an artist that is tied to one style. I experiment with various techniques and styles, and based on the inspiration I create.  My art means everything to me.  It allows me to speak my mind, express myself, and helps me to communicate in ways I may not be able to otherwise.”


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