Alexander Tadesse Belaineh

Growing up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Alexander followed his passion for art which led him to enrolling in Addis Ababa University. As a student he studied fine art and design, and later went on to study the technical side of fine art and ultimately leading him to specialized painting techniques. Through this experience, it allowed him the training which shaped his skills in different art forms such as fine art and contemporary paintings, graphic design and cartoon animation.

Living in Africa and traveling the world the experience has played an enormous part of his life. Through the diversity in culture, religion and language has helped him artistically to observe and capture the color of harmony and all that diversity brings. The discipline that is portrayed in his works speak of beauty that exists in our environment through colors and the connectedness that each of us have to each other in a fast moving world. Each piece is a frame of life captured in a still moment.

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