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Adonias is a figurative artist and photographer from the township of Kireka located in Central Uganda.  Known as being a working class suburb of the capital city of Kampala, the city is near to attractions like Lake Victoria, restaurants that serve dishes popular to this area, and artisans that display crafts of cultural heritage.  Although there are many poor neighborhoods here, the residents are resilient entrepreneurs often living off agricultural resources. Today the city and country is transitioning into technology and has continued to make gains.

Introduced to the world of art through his father and elder brother, Adonias quickly turned a hobby into a passion.  The road to his professional career in the arts began in pursuit of his degree in watercolors from the college of Industrial and Fine Arts. After receiving his degree, Adonias began his professional career working in oils, watercolors, and other mediums such as acrylics and found materials.

In his own words: “Experimentation has allowed me o borrow from different artistic fields and incorporate them into my work. I’m inspired by history and the lives of the people around me and my heritage. I look to artistically narrate stories about life experiences of my own and those around me. My work is a journey of exploration in which the travelers are essential.”


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